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“I’ve learned more in a half hour with you, Meredith, than I have in the past year.”

—Stephanie George, Vice Chairman of Women’s World Daily (WWD)​​ 

parent Fairchild Fashion Media, Inc., a division of Penske​​ Media Corp.

​​ [formerly, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Time Inc.]​​ 




Professional Services


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What People Problems​​ 

keep​​ you​​ awake at night?


  • My High-Potentials are half-baked and need​​ expert seasoning.


  • Some people aren’t “playing nice in the sandbox” – and a few are even throwing sand at each other.​​ 


  • Key people don’t talk to each other, and we may well lose some clients.


  • Teams are coming unglued and productivity is down — little trust, collaboration, and limited innovation.


  • There’s so much to do and so much to learn. Where do we start?


  • People keep talking in circles and nothing is getting done!


  • A key speaker for our conference just cancelled at the last minute!


  • I want a new​​ position yet keep running into brick walls. What new strategies do I need to put my career back on track? ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​​​ 





Let Dr. Meredith Gardner Resolve Your Pressing People Problems So You Can









Dr. Gardner’s education, skills, experience and wisdom produce often immediate, and frequently astounding improvement.​​ 

Just Read the Testimonials!​​ 


  • She has Saved more than 100 Companies from Spending $Millions on:

  • Recruiting​​ 

  • Relocation

  • Training &​​ Outplacement

  • Severance Packages​​ 

  • Loss of Productivity

  • Law Suits

  • She has even stopped a Mutiny on the Brink!


  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!


Using new, different and uniquely effective methods in her programs, presentations and coaching sessions, Dr. Gardner consistently and overwhelmingly surpasses all expectations.


  • Bottom-line Results​​ 


  • Situations that used to be difficult are now easier to deal with. ​​ 


  • The levels of trust, respect and rapport rise exponentially across the board. ​​ 


  • Teamwork is enhanced,​​ and people become less anxious and more productive. ​​ 


  • Contact The Strategic Edge​​ 

and See for Yourself!




    • High-Potential Leadership Development—One-on-One Executive Coaching


Q: ​​​​ What do you do when someone on your team is ready to climb the leadership​​ ladder and lacks essential people skills?​​ 


 ​​ ​​​​ A: ​​​​ Contact Dr. Meredith Gardner at


The Strategic Edge


Using her proven coaching techniques and disarming sense of humor, Dr. Meredith Gardner, author of​​ Think Better, Lead Better, teaches top-drawer executives the interpersonal & management skills they need to lead better.​​ 



“Meredith…you are more than a leadership guru—it doesn’t fully incorporate everything you are. ​​ You are part leadership consultant/life coach/spiritual advisor/ out-of-the-box​​ solution finder/ holistic/ empathic/evolutionary (helps you grow organically)/revolutionary (radically different approach to coaching)/visionary (sees beyond the obvious).”

​​ — Henry Lescaille

Vice President, Time Inc.



“Thanks to you, my business is up​​ 20% and I’ve had a spectacular year. ​​ Your one-on-one coaching works miracles! ...So thank you, coach. ​​ Anyone who works with you is very fortunate. ​​ I’m glad I’m one of them.”

-H. Thompson Rodman, Jr.

Investment Representative

Alex. Brown & Sons Incorporated/now

Deutsche Bank/​​ Deutsche Bank Securities Inc.



Guaranteed Results​​ 


Participants learn how to:


  • Improve rapport for increased employee engagement.​​ 


  • Fine-tune tact and diplomacy.


  • Develop more tolerance for different points of view.


  • Adapt to​​ many varied communication styles.


  • Deepen understanding of character traits, leadership approaches,​​ 

and ways to motivate others.


  • Demonstrate the ability to analyze situations, assess options, and resolve problems.​​ 

 ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​​​ 




    • Behavioral​​ Turn-around—One-on-One Executive Coaching for Difficult ​​ People & Situations (“Elephants in the Room”)



Q: ​​​​ How much time do you waste “putting out fires” when you could be much more productive?


A: ​​​​ Way too much! ​​ 

 ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​​​ 

Difficult People: ​​ You know who they are—and Dr. Meredith Gardner knows how to turn them around!



“Usually these are the irritating, difficult, brilliant yet misunderstood people…”

 ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​​​ Dr. Meredith Gardner



“…In your case you have not only consistently surpassed customer​​ expectations, you have taken on extremely delicate cases requiring proven conflict management skills, ability to coach difficult people and even crisis intervention. ​​ On behalf of the program and personally, you have been a blessing in terms of talent and​​ dedication. In short, whoever utilizes your services will gain immeasurable benefit…”

—David Dosamantes, Associate Director

Department of Synagogue Management

Union of American Hebrew Congregations


Guaranteed Results​​ 


Your people who are not “playing​​ nice in the sandbox” learn how to:​​ 


  • Demonstrate higher self-awareness and a greater sense of responsibility for personal behavior.


  • Trust rather than micro-manage for improved employee engagement.


  • Summarize thoughts instead of pontificating, rambling or​​ interrupting.


  • Choose to take action rather than procrastinating.


  • Encourage with positive feedback rather than denigrating through hyper-criticism.


  • Convert pushiness into collaboration.


    • Business-to-Business (B2B) Mediation: Internal and External​​ Conflict Resolution



Q: ​​​​ If you had a magic wand, how would your people interact better and differently?​​ 

A: ​​​​ You have a good idea of what’s missing, and Dr. Meredith Gardner has a magic wand. ​​ Let her wave it around your people, and you’ll see the​​ difference right away!


“Thank you for working magic!”

—Anonymous comment from​​ AGFA



“In March of 1999, Medialink Research acquired our leading competitor, The Delahaye​​ 

Group. ​​ Beyond the financials, the challenges inherent in such an acquisition were manifold — the integration of once-competing companies and cultures, the development of a unified management strategy from two distant locations, and the usual issues arising from being​​ 

the acquiring or acquired company, are just a few examples…


The dialogues you shepherded… provided us with a very health head start. ​​ We couldn’t have done it without you.  ​​​​ Now, two months after the acquisition, we are well ahead of all business forecasts. ​​ Clearly, the foundations you helped to build have​​ provided us with a strong basis for growth. ​​ For this we are truly grateful.”​​ 

—M. Weiner

Senior Vice President



“When any relationship – internal or external – goes awry, survival of the entire enterprise is at stake!”

Dr. Meredith Gardner




Guaranteed Results


People (within your organization, or externally, with clients/vendors/M&A contexts) learn how to:​​ 


  • Clarify differences in values and focus on areas of similarities.


  • Find areas of commonality that will foster trust for enhanced employee​​ engagement. ​​ 


  • Determine a hierarchy of values and agreement points.


  • Merge disparate visions into a greater and unified vision.


  • Foster tolerance and respect for different cultures, points of view, and personality styles.


  • Convert their personal agendas​​ into collaboration.




    • Team Building Programs


Q: ​​​​ What does your team need to reach the next level of trust, innovation and collaboration?​​ 

A: ​​​​ They need Dr. Meredith Gardner to upgrade their awareness, inspire their imagination, and galvanize their​​ interactions.


“When you’re in the sandbox, it’s your choice whether to throw sand in somebody’s eyes, or not.”​​ 

​​ —Dr. Meredith Gardner


“It was a pleasure working with you on the recent team building effort in our organization… The work that you did with​​ individuals was tightly focused on the behaviors that required improvement. ​​ I noted that there was a general change for the positive in these individuals as you worked with each of them.​​ 


The second phase of your assignment focused on a training program​​ designed to meld the staff into a team…You worked well with staff members and division management to select a change vehicle that was most appropriate for the needs of this group. Ultimately the value of anybody’s work is the impact that it has on the intended audience. ​​ 


Judging your work, which was conducted with a high degree of professionalism, by its results I would say that you scored a success with our group. ​​ The staff and management have a greater appreciation of what it means to work as a team, to have a shared vision, and shared goals. ​​ I see individuals taking more responsibility for their actions and projects as well as more responsibility for the maintenance of a positive working environment…


It is now almost 3 months since your engagement ended and I find that many of the behaviors that we worked on improving have indeed become a permanent part of our business culture. ​​ The results of your efforts are deeply appreciated by myself and the management team. ​​ I look forward to an opportunity to work with you in the future.”​​ 

 ​​​​ —Timothy J. Bunt

Vice President, Corporate Risk Management​​ 

The Prudential Insurance Company of America

Guaranteed Results​​ 


​​ Members of your team learn how to:​​ 


  • Work together in harmony for a common purpose and shared​​ goals.


  • Adapt their own communication styles to those of others on the team.


  • Value and accept different points of view.


  • Utilize the many and varied strengths of the team members.


  • Give others what they want and get what they need at the same time.


  • Develop a win/win culture for increased employee engagement.



    • Group Seminars/Training


Q: ​​​​ You know what you know; you know what you don’t know. ​​ But you don’t know what you don’t know.

A: ​​​​ Dr. Meredith Gardner knows what you don’t know about people​​ skills. Ask her for the keys.


“There’s more to leading people in companies than having a big corner office. ​​ And there’s more to conducting a symphony than waving a baton in the air. ​​ If you think it’s so easy, try conducting a symphony yourself, and hear​​ what happens!”​​ 


​​ —Dr. Meredith Gardner



“Your seminars on ‘Empowering Your Personality’ and ‘Communicating Like Great Leaders’ provided the audience with extremely valuable information and ideas. ​​ What powerful presentations! ​​ You had​​ dramatic personal impact both in your delivery and content…Toastmasters by nature are taught to be discerning. ​​ Therefore, when you win over a Toastmasters audience, you should be really proud. ​​ How fortunate we were to have such a committed, dedicated professional who was willing to give time and expertise as a presenter.”

 ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​​​ —Deanna M. Brown, DTM

 ​​ ​​​​ Education Chairman

 ​​ ​​​​ Toastmasters International, District 46


—Elaine Armstrong, ATM

Education Co-Chairman

Toastmasters International, District 46



From Employee Participants at Time Warner​​ 

Re Group Seminar on Presentation Skills


What I liked about the Seminar:


  • Meredith “… gave examples, she was funny, she was engaging, and there was an opportunity to meet other Time​​ Warner employees.”


  • Meredith has “…energy and enthusiasm for the subject.”


  • “Definitely added to what I previously learned ….”


  • “Your tone and energy, props, and examples were fabulous.”




Guaranteed Results​​ 


Participants in Group Seminars & Trainings will experience at least two—most likely three or more—AHA!​​ moments. ​​ 




    • Facilitation/Retreats


Q: ​​​​ How can you turn your intentions/plans into reachable goals in a timely manner?​​ 

A: ​​​​ Invite Dr. Meredith Gardner to facilitate your next in-house meeting or​​ off-site retreat—she cuts through confusion and gets straight to the heart of the matter.



“You took us through the important first step toward changing the way we work together. ​​ I was very impressed by your perceptions of the Management Team, your analytical skills in helping us see connections that we were too close to “get,” as well as the depth of your understanding of us.” ​​ 

 ​​​​ —Steven P. Smith​​ 

Deputy Managing Director,​​ 

Field Service

American Lung Association



“The Strategic Edge Facilitation is​​ designed to straighten out people who are talking in circles.”

—Dr. Meredith Gardner​​ 



Guaranteed Results​​ 


Participants in Facilitation Sessions/Retreats learn how to:​​ 


  • Agree upon objectives.


  • Clarify listening and responding.


  • Value and accept​​ different points of view.


  • Bridge the gap between ideas and action.


  • Build consensus for greater employee engagement.


  • Keep content, process, structure, and follow-up on track.  ​​ ​​​​ 






    • Public Speaking/Expo’s​​ &​​ Conferences


​​ Motivational/Keynote Speaker​​ ♦ Panelist ♦ Workshop Trainer ♦ Breakout Session Leader ♦


Q: ​​​​ What would it take to motivate your audience to take action?

A: ​​​​ Dr. Meredith Gardner gives unforgettable speeches that are practical, on-point, entertaining, and inspiring!​​ 




“It was​​ terrific to see you in action...You had your eye on everyone. ​​ You managed to make everyone feel you were speaking directly to him or her, and everyone responded.”

—Dr. Nahma Sandrow​​ 

Professor of English

City University of New York


“It was obvious to me​​ that your ability to communicate with your audience was extremely effective.”    ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​​​ 

​​ —David A. Loux, V.P., Field Operations,​​ 

The Seeing Eye, Inc.


“Your audience, whether corporate executives, business students, doctors, lawyers, or others, will​​ benefit from your expertise.”  

—David N. Daniels, M.D., Clinical Professor

Dept. of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences,​​ 

Stanford School of Medicine



Guaranteed Results​​ 


You’ll walk away from Dr. Gardner’s presentations and speeches motivated to take action as a result of learning:​​ 

  • New insights

  • Different perspectives

  • Unforgettable stories



    • Career Development/Outplacement Consulting


​​ Career Development Coaching ♦ Job Search Strategies ♦ Resume Writing ♦ Interviewing Techniques ♦ Outplacement Counseling​​ 



Q: ​​​​ How do you get from NOW to NEXT? ​​ 

A: ​​​​ Let Dr. Meredith Gardner help you bridge the gap and show you the way.



“…my heartfelt appreciation for the outstanding contribution you made to the DBM/IBM Career Transition Project in Valhalla, N.Y… I am proud to have had you as part of this elite group. ​​ Your brand of dedication and interest in your clients is of a rare kind indeed. ​​ Most of all, you showed a sense of humor when the situation required it; and your congeniality and humanness were the finishing touches which made this project unique…You are among the best of us at DBM.”

   —John A. Artise

Vice President, DBM/IBM​​ 

 ​​ ​​ ​​​​ Drake Beam Morin, Inc. ​​ 


“Meredith's ability to interact with people is admirable! Her passion for instilling knowledge and​​ passing along information is greatly appreciated by all, certainly me. Meredith is an asset to society, where her every encounter leaves those she's touched feeling more empowered and able to take on the world. It was through her guidance that I was able to redirect my focus and understand my true calling in life. Thank you, Meredith.”

Misael Nunez

Special Events/Tours & Operations​​ at Disney Theatrical Group



“I do extractions even though I’m not a dentist! I extract information from people— important information that will guide them to being happy and successful for the rest of their life. ​​ People are often stuck, and I help them​​ get unstuck!”​​ 

—Dr. Meredith Gardner



Guaranteed Results​​ 


Note: ​​ Dr. Gardner does not take on career-development clients unless she can guarantee results. ​​ 


*  ​​​​ *  ​​​​ *  ​​​​ *  ​​​​ * ​​ 




What is the Password

For Emotional/Social Intelligence-based Skills​​ 

In​​ the World of Work?


 ​​ ​​​​ http://us.123rf.com/450wm/lightwise/lightwise1202/lightwise120200031/12353884-human-eye-earth-planet-as-world-vision-for-the-future-and-global-insight-into-international-business.jpg​​ 1



The​​ Importance of Self-Awareness:​​ 


“It is only when we become​​ AWARE​​ of our attitudes, behaviors, assumptions,​​ 

feelings, and beliefs...that we can take responsibility and act accordingly.”

Dr. Meredith Gardner



 ​​ ​​​​ Blind Spots: ​​ Everyone has blind spots! ​​​​ Don’t think you’re the only one. ​​ We all have a particular personality style with identifying characteristics. Often, other people​​ see and experience these characteristics, but usually, we can’t see them or don’t admit to them.​​ Learn about your own​​ blind spots and those of others in your life.​​ 


Other people recognize our blind spots, but we don’t! ​​ Here is a sample of some common behaviors that are indicative of blind spots:


  • Controlling and intimidating others–without realizing it

  • Not standing up for​​ yourself–without realizing it​​ 

  • Making other people wrong–without realizing

  • Masquerading manipulation with kindness–without realizing it

  • Promoting a false image–without realizing it

  • Being envious–without realizing it

  • Being too intellectual–without realizing​​ it​​ 

  • Being too anxious, too ambivalent, or too argumentative–without realizing it​​ 

  • Avoiding bad news–without realizing it  ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​​​ 




Interpersonal Communication SoftSkills​​ 


“Meredith is an innovative author and leadership thinker, and is perhaps​​ 

the most​​ astute communicator I know--she is extremely perceptive.”2​​ 



​​ Thomas A. Kolditz, Ph.D.,​​ [now Brigadier​​ General (Ret.)],
Executive Director, Doerr Institute for New Leaders at Rice University;

Author of​​ IN EXTREMIS LEADERSHIP: Leading as if Your Life Depended on It​​ 3



 ​​ ​​​​ Operating System: ​​​​ Like a computer, everybody has an​​ operating system. ​​​​ It’s made up of  ​​​​ personality traits and communication style. ​​ Software can be added to people— just as with computers. ​​ “Personality Awareness SoftSkills”™​​ can be learned, downloaded, and updated. ​​​​ 


When the updated version kicks in,​​ the earlier default and/or derailing behaviors get archived. ​​ No worries…At any time, what is old can be retrieved. ​​ 


“It’s your choice—old, or new—you’re in charge!”

​​ Dr. Meredith Gardner



 ​​ ​​​​ Behavioral Shifts in the World of Work (and Personally) —​​ Awareness Makes the Difference: ​​​​ The meaning of communication is determined by the response you get. ​​ 


Q: ​​​​ What difference does Awareness make in how people in business (and life)

  • Reduce conflict?

  • Collaborate?

  • Innovate?

  • “Play nice in the sandbox”?




A: ​​​​ People respond more positively to new attitudes and behaviors, and to more enlightened ways of interacting. ​​ 



Bottom-line Results ​​​​ 



  • At the onset of new Awareness, situations that used to trip us up no longer grip us with the same high voltage.​​ 


  • Trust,​​ respect and rapport rise exponentially as new Awareness kicks in. ​​ 


  • There’s a positive correlation between Awareness and Peak Performance. ​​ 


  • People on the Team become happier and more productive at the same time. ​​ 



Attributions Page



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​​ General Thomas A. Kolditz designed and directed the core Leader Development Program at the​​ Yale School of Management, served as the chairman of the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership at West Point, and was the founding director of the West Point Leadership Center.


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